The Troubled Assistant

Episode 02
That bastard!


The party wakes from resting and heads out past the partially blocked entryway. They head to a crossroads and turn left, walking down the passageway that eventually opens up into a well worked square room with 4 columns and a pillar with a skull carved into it in the middle of the room. The eyes in the skull shine with reflected light from gems. Guarding the statue are some beasts which are quickly dispatched by the party. Harkwynn removes the gems from the statues and assesses that they must be work at least 5gp each. The party heads back to the crossroads and decides to go straight (which would have been a right turn originally). They come to another room like the previous with another skull although this fight proved to be a little harder for the party. Again, Harkwynn dislodged the gems. At this point they had a red, yellow, blue, and green gem. They head back to the crossroads again and turn right (straight originally). They enter a third room like the other two, but this one does not have a pillar in the center .. it has a pillar near the back of the room with 4 holes .. one on each cardinal direction.

Harkwynn puts the gems into the sockets and two green and two red concentric circles show and two mobs jump out of secret compartments in the walls. They’re quickly dispatched by the rest of the party while Harkwynn moved some gems. 4 green rings appear and a concealed door opens up. The pillar also opens and reveals a fine looking longbow (Inescapable Longbow +1). Beyond is a smaller, well lit, room with a doorway guarded by two orcs. Words are exchanged and the orcs let the party through to see “the boss”.

They are greeted by Gedron, who stands up and pulls his hood back. Gedron congratulates the party and tells them to prepare for their final test. The fight is intense but quick and the party emerges victorious. They go through the door on the far side and encounter Gedron again – but this time he looks different and seems jovial about them passing the test. He explains to them that he needs them to find a missing book for him – one that he used to have and contains a demon within it. He believes an assistant of his that he fired a couple of years ago may have taken it with him. Various questions are asked and answered, and the party eventually agrees to do what he’s asking them for. He gives them 500 gp and allows them to peruse his museum of magical items – reluctantly allowing them each to part with one item of their choice that would not be too powerful for them to wield. He gives them a stone that has been magicked with a spell to bring the party back to his abode when the incantation is spoken and then transports them to the outskirts of a village called Sunderton.

Summary of XP for the session: 2500 (500 each)

Skull Room 1 encounter – 700 xp
Skull Room 2 encounter – 700 xp
Pillar puzzle – 500 xp
Gedron – 600 xp

Note worthy Items found this session:

Inescapable Longbow +1
5x magic items selected from Gedron’s collection

XP totals:

Audra – 1000
Grayboy – 1000
Harkwynn – 1000
Mordred – 1000
Torgald – 1000

Episode 01
Where are we?


Torgald awakes in a strange room surrounded by strangers. Three humans, an elf, and a jaguar. He attempts to get up quietly, but Grayboy rouses. The others are awoken in the ensuing noise. The party attempts to size up what happened to them. A bit of chaos happens, and Torgald decides to try to “pick the lock” on the door to their room by hammering a spike into the lock. While he does that, the others look around the room. Grayboy finds an unexpected hard lump in his bed, and it ends up being a key. After Audra removes the spike that Torgald wedged into the lock, they try the key and the door opens.

The party assesses their situation a bit, tries to find which way may be safe. Harkwynn and Grayboy scout out the other room across from them and are in there for several minutes. They find an interesting orb that was mistaken for rubble. During that time, the other members of the party head up one of the stair ways and encounter some guards. Fighting ensues, at which point Harkwynn and Grayboy catch up with the others and join the battle. The party emerges victorious after several rounds of combat and they subdue a kobold. The kobold displays unusual devotion to his “master” when interrogated and is put to a quick death. Oddly, the enemies were goblins and kobolds that seemed to be working together.

They come into a larger room where they had heard some peculiar digging sounds and encounter some more foes. Kobolds accompanying a vicious beast called a Kruthik. Again, the party defeats the enemies after a few rounds of combat and continues on. At a fork, they decide to go straight .. which leads them to a room with a door with two metal statues beside it. Ever wary, they inspect the statues thoroughly. After a bit, with nothing happening, Torgald decides to actually touch one of them – at that point, the statues metal changes to a reddish orange color and they attack. Grayboy calls on Corellon for help and the party dispatches the two statues readily. Behind the door is what appears to be a storage room with lots of boards, planks, and other sorts of construction materials. The deft eyes of Torgald find a healing potion mixed in with the other items.

Going back to the fork, they proceed the other direction and come to a room that has a wide lava flow going through the middle of it, about 10 feet sunken. The party deliberate for a bit about possible solutions and the Grayboy suggests they go back to the storage room and scavenge some of the materials and build a bridge. The party agrees that is probably the best solution and set about making it happen. A bridge is constructed and the party hurries across one by one. Harkwynn, Torgald, and Grayboy all have some difficulty crossing, however, and Grayboy even falls into the lava. He is quickly pulled out by the rope they were all holding on to, but not before suffering a few burns. Praise Corellon for healing! When he is being dragged out, a robe that was in the lava (and somehow not burning) hooked on his foot and was pulled out with him.

The party take a brief rest on the other side of the lava, during which the bridge degrades from the heat enough that it falls in and burns away. The party continues on and enters a room with an orb on a pedestal (all one piece). Mordred determines it’s magical and Harkwynn is pretty sure it is some form of divination. When approached, the orb lights up and the face of Gedron, wrinkled (although not as much as previously) and scarred appears before them, goading them on and telling them they must prove they are worthy for his purposes. The party has a brief interchange with him and then Gedron disappears. Torgald decides to cover the orb with a blanket from his pack and Audra determines this is likely a decent place to rest – it appears fairly secluded and a partial cave in at the only other entrance would be easily defensible. At this, the party rests.

Summary of XP for session: 2500 (500 each)

Guard Room encounter – 575 xp
Digging Room encounter – 425 xp
Storage Room encounter – 600 xp
Lava Flow challenge – 400 xp
Gedron’s “blessing” – (the flash of light from the orb) – 500 xp

Note worthy items found this session:

Orb of Debilitating Languor +1
Robe of Scintillation +1
Sylvan Leather Armor +1
Healing Potion

XP totals:

Audra – 500
Grayboy – 500
Harkwynn – 500
Mordred – 500
Torgald – 500

Story outset
DM Notes

Character dossiers:

Mike Deal – Leader – Grayboy – Elf Cleric of Corellon

Out proselytizing for the glory of Corellon. Gedron approached Grayboy in a small town after he had finished sharing the glory of Corellon with one of its residents. Gedron took the pamphlet Grayboy offered and inquired why he was in these parts. He also remarked about how unusual it was. Gedron invites Grayboy to the tavern for food and drink, and to hear more of Corellon so that he can compare his greatness to Pelor. They sit, eat, drink, and talk in the inn as the hours pass. Soon it is evening and Gedron retires to bed. Grayboy meditates for a couple of hours and then heads to bed as well. He awakes elsewhere.

Mike Bishop – Controller – Harkwynn – Human Wizard of Sune

Recently graduated at the age of 30 from the Magocracy apprenticeship. Master went missing when he was under tutelage. Gedron approached Harkwynn by entering his house and waiting for him to return. They discuss matters relating the master that went missing about a year previous – which was very little, since Harkwynn didn’t know much. Aran was his name. The two part on mildly unfriendly terms, and Harkwynn scouts about his abode for anything that Gedron may have disturbed. When Harkwynn sleeps that night, a magical rune that went overlooked under his bed sends him elsewhere.

Jonathan Duhrkoop – Striker – Torgald – Dwarf Avenger of Moradin

Family was killed because of plotting against Dwarven King. Torgald was exiled because he was off training in a temple of Moradin when it happened and, thus, not connected to his family’s plot. During his time at the temple, near the end, Torgald received what he believes to be a message from Moradin through a dream. However, he does not understand it’s meaning. Because of this, he uses his exile as a reason to seek out someone who may be able to interpret his dream. While visiting a small town, <>, he hears a rumor that an old man living in a cottage in the forest may be able to help him. He asks about town for a few days to make sure it’s not a false lead, and then sets off. Torgald meets the old man, Gedron, and explains his dream a bit. Gedron gives Torgald some wise words and offers to feed him and house him for the night. Torgald accepts the offer and ends up waking elsewhere.

Sean Anderson – Defender – Mordred Terrenion – Human Swordmage

Frostfell background .. lived in a tundra environment for a long time. Gedron approached Mordred by pretending to be a weary traveler that was encountered by Arthur, Mordred’s grandson, and invited to their house to rest for a while. Mordred greeted Gedron and invited him in to stay the night. Gedron shared his name when asked and they enjoyed a lovely evening meal of roast lizard with vegetables. They make small talk over dinner, with Mordred asking Gedron questions about what he’s doing. Gedron says that he’s just traveling through on his way to visit his grand children. They talk about grand children for a while, seeing as how Mordred also has some. Then Gedron retires to bed. The next morning, Mordred’s family found both of them gone.

Rachel Miller – Striker – Audra – Human Ranger of Melora -

Audra roams the country side with her black jaguar companion exploring and helping the weak/vulnerable from harm. She has an elderly mother who she cared for, but sometimes has friends look after while she’s gone (sometimes days at a time). Audra supports herself by hunting, making use of the entire animal. Bones and hides are turned into tools and garments, some of which gets sold. Gedron approaches Audra by feigning to be lost in the woods, having fits of forgetfulness at times and sometimes getting himself lost. Audra shows him to a trail that will lead him to a town, Ortel, about a mile to the east. She escorts him there and, when they arrive, inquires about travel to Gedron’s home. Nobody has any carts to spare that day, so she gathers supplies for a few days and walks Gedron toward his home, in the town 10 miles north. The first evening they bed down to sleep and Audra awakes to find herself elsewhere.


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