The Troubled Assistant

Story outset

DM Notes

Character dossiers:

Mike Deal – Leader – Grayboy – Elf Cleric of Corellon

Out proselytizing for the glory of Corellon. Gedron approached Grayboy in a small town after he had finished sharing the glory of Corellon with one of its residents. Gedron took the pamphlet Grayboy offered and inquired why he was in these parts. He also remarked about how unusual it was. Gedron invites Grayboy to the tavern for food and drink, and to hear more of Corellon so that he can compare his greatness to Pelor. They sit, eat, drink, and talk in the inn as the hours pass. Soon it is evening and Gedron retires to bed. Grayboy meditates for a couple of hours and then heads to bed as well. He awakes elsewhere.

Mike Bishop – Controller – Harkwynn – Human Wizard of Sune

Recently graduated at the age of 30 from the Magocracy apprenticeship. Master went missing when he was under tutelage. Gedron approached Harkwynn by entering his house and waiting for him to return. They discuss matters relating the master that went missing about a year previous – which was very little, since Harkwynn didn’t know much. Aran was his name. The two part on mildly unfriendly terms, and Harkwynn scouts about his abode for anything that Gedron may have disturbed. When Harkwynn sleeps that night, a magical rune that went overlooked under his bed sends him elsewhere.

Jonathan Duhrkoop – Striker – Torgald – Dwarf Avenger of Moradin

Family was killed because of plotting against Dwarven King. Torgald was exiled because he was off training in a temple of Moradin when it happened and, thus, not connected to his family’s plot. During his time at the temple, near the end, Torgald received what he believes to be a message from Moradin through a dream. However, he does not understand it’s meaning. Because of this, he uses his exile as a reason to seek out someone who may be able to interpret his dream. While visiting a small town, <>, he hears a rumor that an old man living in a cottage in the forest may be able to help him. He asks about town for a few days to make sure it’s not a false lead, and then sets off. Torgald meets the old man, Gedron, and explains his dream a bit. Gedron gives Torgald some wise words and offers to feed him and house him for the night. Torgald accepts the offer and ends up waking elsewhere.

Sean Anderson – Defender – Mordred Terrenion – Human Swordmage

Frostfell background .. lived in a tundra environment for a long time. Gedron approached Mordred by pretending to be a weary traveler that was encountered by Arthur, Mordred’s grandson, and invited to their house to rest for a while. Mordred greeted Gedron and invited him in to stay the night. Gedron shared his name when asked and they enjoyed a lovely evening meal of roast lizard with vegetables. They make small talk over dinner, with Mordred asking Gedron questions about what he’s doing. Gedron says that he’s just traveling through on his way to visit his grand children. They talk about grand children for a while, seeing as how Mordred also has some. Then Gedron retires to bed. The next morning, Mordred’s family found both of them gone.

Rachel Miller – Striker – Audra – Human Ranger of Melora -

Audra roams the country side with her black jaguar companion exploring and helping the weak/vulnerable from harm. She has an elderly mother who she cared for, but sometimes has friends look after while she’s gone (sometimes days at a time). Audra supports herself by hunting, making use of the entire animal. Bones and hides are turned into tools and garments, some of which gets sold. Gedron approaches Audra by feigning to be lost in the woods, having fits of forgetfulness at times and sometimes getting himself lost. Audra shows him to a trail that will lead him to a town, Ortel, about a mile to the east. She escorts him there and, when they arrive, inquires about travel to Gedron’s home. Nobody has any carts to spare that day, so she gathers supplies for a few days and walks Gedron toward his home, in the town 10 miles north. The first evening they bed down to sleep and Audra awakes to find herself elsewhere.


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